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oscarskyarmy the one-bar wonder- how do I even play like this? Why is my connection so bad? These questions and others, coming after the break.
Just found a huge area of diamond and gold, plugin turned them all into stone except 2 gold blocks :(
However, today must be my lucky day because I also saw another spot with diamonds and gold, got 12 diamonds and 11 gold ore from it.

Edit: Drowned 3 times getting stuck in an underwater cave xD
Can confirm three drowned chocs inside a cave
Tend to have an exit portal sorted first and then use cobble / gravel to exclude the water, raiding chests also helps as so many unprotected chests and found some player made tunnels that were not mined on the sides and got out 3-4 stacks of lapis from the wild bits
i did but it takes me to this page and it doesn't say anything but to go to the discord or this website
It should work now :)
Hey all, for anyone checking the website and not in-game or on discord 1.14.3 server Alien age is online and in an alpha stage while plugins are tested come and join us all!