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XP farms broken by mob stacking


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Apr 9, 2019
The new mob stacking plugin is extremely frustrating.

A lot of the time, killing a mob results in the entire stack dying. But only 1 set of loot and 1 set of experience drop in this case (e.g. killing a stack of 20 chickens will yield, at most, 1 raw chicken and 1 feather - most depressing!)
Even when only 1 mob from the stack is eliminated, the rest of the stack loses aggro (pigmen)
If a stack takes fall damage, and then one of the stack is killed, the rest of the stack is at full health.
This basically makes all XP/loot farms completely broken. Best case scenario they are extremely slow = more micromanaging and much longer time spent AFK.

Please do something to fix this - one or more of the following would be fantastic:
a) When an entire stack dies, drop XP/loot equal to the number of mobs in the stack.
b) When a mob is removed from a stack, let the rest of the stack retain aggro
c) When a stack takes fall damage, make sure the damage is applied to all mobs in the stack.
d) Disable the plugin, but further limit the number of mobs that can exist at a time. Honestly, I'm totally happy with this - 10 single mobs is far less frustrating than even 9 stacks of 20, given the current bugs with the plugin.

I have also noticed that entity cramming is broken as a result of stacking - where normally only 24 mobs could occupy the same space before taking damage, with stacking (capped at 20) you can get the equivalent of 480 mobs in the same space.
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Aug 19, 2017
unable to farm anything like wool, eggs, they still seem to be breeding, but are in stacks of 20