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Skyblock Announcement, Good Egg or Bad Egg Hunt, April Events, March Top Voters, March Top Supporter

Discussion in 'News' started by Harry, Apr 2, 2018.

By Harry on Apr 2, 2018 at 12:20 PM
  1. Harry

    Harry Owner
    Owner -= Phantom =-

    Minecraft account: iamharry
    Apr 6, 2017
    Afternoon everyone. I'd like to start this announcement by thanking everyone that participated in the events over the past few days! The Admin auction last night took over 4.5m coins out of the economy ;) Tonight is the Good Egg or Bad Egg hunt! Make sure you come along... details below! Anyway, in this announcement;
    1. Skyblock Announcement
    2. Good Egg or Bad Egg Hunt details (TODAY)
    3. April Events
    4. March Top Voters
    5. March Top Supporter
    Skyblock Announcement
    A long time waiting... but I am very pleased to announce that we will be launching our own twist of the Skyblock gamemode. It will be harder compared to a traditional Skyblock server, and contain lots of new features which we hope you'll enjoy...

    There will be new mechanics to HCSurvival including in-game ranks that are unlocked automatically using in-game money. To begin with, there will 10 ranks related to Minecraft ores. These will be referred to as 'Series 1 - Materials'. We will be adding more as you progress! Bosses will also work very differently, with a *working* automated system. More will be revealed closer to release!

    We do not currently have a release date, however, we are hoping for a date that is close to our anniversary; May 12th!
    Q: How will we play Skyblock?
    A: We will have a Hub server that connects Survival & Skyblock. Various features such as chat will be global, so everyone is still able to interact with each other!

    Q: Are we changing name??!
    A: No, but we will begin to refer to the server as 'HCSurvival Network'.

    Q: What will happen to our premium ranks?
    A: Ranks will become Global and will have a similar set of perks on Skyblock!

    However, Skyblock will have its own set of consumables.

    We will reveal everything else closer to release, however, you can always approach us with any questions you may have.

    Good Egg or Bad Egg Hunt details (TODAY)
    Today is the day! The Egg hunt is later on at 8:35pm UK (Countdown).

    You will warp to our Easter arena. Each participant will have an individual set of rewards, meaning that every player can find all the eggs. Once you find an egg, redeem the key it provides in the hut for either a... good egg or bad egg!

    April Events

    Diamond-related Build Contest

    • $15 Store Credit
    • Your own /warp
    To enter, reply to this thread.

    Ocean-related Skin Contest

    • $10 Store Credit
    To enter, reply to this thread.

    April Event Lottery

    Win of the automatic events (KoTH, Fishing Contest, Supply Drop or Boss Kills) and be sure to grab a screenshot! Unlimited entries!


    • $10 Store Credit
    To enter, reply to this thread.

    Event Winners
    Our March event winners are:

    - Oblivith won the Event Lottery!
    Sorean won the St. Patrick's build competition!
    50ShadesOfGreigh won the banner design competition!

    Congratulations to you all.

    March Top Voters
    Thanks to our dedicated voters once again! The March Top Voter are as follows:
    1. cobrex (215 votes) $25 Store Credit
    2. Ribby (214 votes) $10 Store Credit
    3. JackelopeRex (189 votes) 1x Gem Pouch, 1x Claim Blocks Pouch, 1x Claim Fly
    March Top Supporter
    A huge thanks to Cobrex who is our top supporter for the month of March!
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Discussion in 'News' started by Harry, Apr 2, 2018.

    1. Aniyolo
      coollll :D skyblock again :)
    2. 50ShadesOfGreigh
      Wooo!! Super excited for skyblock!!1 <3
    3. Cobrex
      Brilliant news on Sky-block, can't wait to fall off the world as I try and build - record deaths coming up!!. Good luck to all in the voting and good luck to all in the new competitions too. Thanks for all your hard work Harry and looking forward to the future.
    4. Harry
      I'll eat my hat if I don't launch this time!
    5. Ascenth
      YES BOI! Lotery!! xD
    6. Moutaingirl19
      Cool!! Excited for Sky block
    7. 50ShadesOfGreigh
      I'd pay good money to see that, next months event: Harry's Hat Eating Competition
    8. Ascenth
      Plz do! And record! So we can laugh a bit :p
    9. Harry
      How much we talking?
    10. 50ShadesOfGreigh
      Uhh... i got 'bout...5 half dollars? ;)
    11. Slowy2753
      Hey guys

      I love the idea of Sky block but may I ask how it will link into the server as it was before... i.e. will the sky blocks be a ‘area’ that functions like the regular minecraft ‘overworld’??

      PS the last time I played was a while ago as I am holiday at the moment
    12. Walkeruno

      We will have a server hub where you can select which section of HC you want to play on, let's say you want to play skyblock, you go to the hub, and select skyblock. If you don't want to play skyblock you can just go to the hub and click survival and you will join back to the overworld as it was before. :D
    13. Panda
      Ocean relate skin... Blue Panda?
    14. Slowy2753

      Brill thx Walker, just another query will items, coins and gems be ‘transferable’ between the skyblock area and the over world and/or spendable in both ‘areas’
      Last edited: Apr 7, 2018
    15. Walkeruno
      As it stands now, items, coins and gems will not be transferable between the skyblock world and the survival world. If you could transfer everything you have from the survival world to the skyblock world, the skyblock wouldn't really be a challenge anymore. ;)
    16. Slowy2753

      Yeah that makes sense, thx Walker
    17. StrandedFox
      Cant wait until sky block releases :) what stuff carries over? The new global ranks will right? What will they provide other than chat colour / nickname?
    18. Harry
      Ranks will be global, yes. More info coming soon