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September Events

Discussion in 'What's New?' started by Noxy, Sep 2, 2017.

By Noxy on Sep 2, 2017 at 12:42 PM
  1. Noxy

    Noxy Active Member
    Web Hero Dragon

    Minecraft account: Noxy
    Jun 8, 2017
    New month, new events :cool: Good luck everyone and I hope you all join in!!
    Apologies this is up late we've been quite busy, hopefully you can all get going on the build event this weekend!!

    Build Event
    We're trying something completely new this month! Last months build-offs were great but we think it'd be better to try some quicker build contests. Hopefully this will mean more of you can join in!
    Note: Any builds made before the week start date will be disqualified. Build entries must have coordinates in the post.

    We will have one build event per week these must be done alone, voting will commence for 48 hours at the end of each week and one winner will be chosen. A poll will be posted for everyone to vote on.
    After 3 weeks and 3 winners, there will be a build-off for the 4th week between the winners of the previous 3 weeks. This will have a 24hour vote for the final winner!

    WEEK 1: 1st-8th (Sorry its a bit late) WEEK 1 ENDED
    Build Subject: Something animal related.

    Voting: 8th-10th - Winner announced for week 1

    WEEK 2: 8th-15th - WEEK 2 ENDED
    Build Subject: A famous landmark. Landmark must be an already existing real-world structure.

    Voting: 15th-17th - Winner announced for week 2

    WEEK 3: 15th-22nd - WEEK 3 ENDED
    Build Subject: Staff-chosen (thanks @Beabie) block build, Concrete (any colour).

    Voting: 22th-23rd - Winner announced for week 3

    WEEK 4: 23rd-29nd - BUILD OFF between winners from week 1, 2, 3
    Build Subject: Your own choice! Surprise us!!

    Voting: 29th-30th 24 hour vote - Final Winner

    Weekly winner prizes:
    5$ Store credit
    1x Tier 3 crate key
    1x Gem pouch

    Finals winner prize:
    10$ Store credit
    1x Tier 3 crate key
    1x Gem pouch
    1x Custom Tag

    Event Lottery
    We have decided to run this again as it was so popular! :)
    $5 Store Credit
    1x Tier 3 Crate key
    1 Gem Pouch

    How To Enter:
    To get entered into the lottery draw all you need to do is win one of our auto events (KoTH, Fishing contest, Supply Drops and Boss Kills) then comment a reply to this post using the template below. You can enter as many times as you like! Just make sure each entry is on it's own post using the template so it counts!

    Event Won:
    Proof of Event Won: (

    The entry post will give you more information about the proof that is needed :) But this is basically a screenshot of the winning confirmation that you get in chat when an event has been won.

    Contest Timer:
    Please CLICK HERE to see how much time you have left to enter:

    Staff Tips:
    - Remember while the number will be picked at random the more entries you have the higher the chance of one of your numbers being picked!
    - Make sure you look at the example screenshots before making your post. If they do not show enough proof that entry will not count. Chat logs are NOT acceptable proof.

    When the event has finished a winner will be picked using a random number generator.

    Good luck everyone, we can't wait to see your builds. Please make sure builds are begun NOW, anything earlier will result in you being disqualified. <3 you all!
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Discussion in 'What's New?' started by Noxy, Sep 2, 2017.