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Pet skills


Community Pacifist
Apr 6, 2017
Pets have a skill tree which includes various skills:

The Beacon skill transforms your pet in a walking beacon.

Type /petbeacon to open the beacon buff selection menu.

The skill consumes food when it is active.

The Control skill gives you more control over where your pet walks and who it attacks.

To use this skill you have to right-click with a lead in the direction that you want your pet to walk.

The Damage skill increases the damage that your pet can do.

1 Damage = 1/2 Heart

The Fire skill gives your pet a chance to set enemies on fire.

The HP skill will increase the max hitpoints the pet can have.

1 HP = 1/2 Heart

The Heal skill allows your pet to automatically heal.

The Inventory skill adds a backpack to your pet.

It can be opened using the /petinventory command.

Items in this inventory will not be dropped when the pet dies.

Items picked up by your pet will be added to this inventory.

The Knockback skill allows your pet to knockback enemies.

The Pickup skill allows your pet to pickup items and EXP from the ground.

The items will be added to the pet inventory.

Pickup can be toggled with /petpickup.

The Poison skill gives your pet a chance to poison enemies.

The Ranged Attacks skill allows your pet to shoot projectiles.

The Ride skill allows you to ride your pet like a horse!

Right-Click your pet with a lead to ride it, and shift-click to disembark.

The Slow skill allows your pet to slow down your enemies.

The Sprint skill allows your pet to start sprinting the first time it starts to follow a new target.

The Thorns skill gives your pet a chance to reflect the half of the incoming damage back to the enemy.