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Old Claim Removal

Discussion in 'Information' started by Beabie, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. Beabie

    Beabie Co-Owner

    Minecraft account: Beabie
    Apr 7, 2017
    It has come to my attention that some players would like more information about land claim removal. Covering questions such as when they can ask for a claim to be removed and reasons why a staff member may have told them no. I have put together this guide to give you more information about the removal process and how you can request for these to be removed :)

    Inactive Players
    If a player has been inactive we can look to remove their claim. We do not have a set time frame for this! The reason being, is that we feel this is very much dependent on the claim in question. Here are the type of things staff have to consider first:

    -Does the player have anyone trusted on the claim? If so are they active players? If there are trusted players who are active staff will ask the players if they would like the claim to be transferred over to them. This will allow them to keep what they helped to build. If you are using a claim and the claim owner hasn't been online then feel free to fill out the template below to get this transferred.
    -How large is the claim? A simple chest and workbench claim can be removed very quickly. If a player has been offline for 7 days+ then we don't mind removing something so small. Larger projects will be judge on a claim by claim basis. Larger claims that players have put more work into will have longer before we would consider removing them.
    -Has the player already informed staff they will be away? Sometimes we know that a player is going to be offline for a certain period of time, so we would not remove claims at this point. Should the player exceed what we were expecting we will try to contact them first before taking action on any claim. If you are going to leave the server for a bit (have a holiday for example) then feel free to place a sign in you claim to make staff aware should they be asked to remove it.

    Claim Blocked
    If a player has claimed land next to you (after you had already placed your claim) we will look to remove the claim asap. Sometimes it is an easy mistake to make, there could be some trees in the way, a base could be underground etc. If we feel a player has made a genuine mistake we will give them a little bit longer to try and co-ordinate their build to be moved. They will still need to move, but we wouldn't want to just remove their items. If a player has done this deliberately they could face their claim removed immediately and items will be taken (make sure you spread out!)

    Banned players
    Just because a player has received a ban, staff members do not immediately rush to remove all of their claims and builds. We do allow players a second chance in some circumstances. If we believe a banned player would get a second chance if they submitted the appropriate appeal we will allow them 30 days to make an appeal before we would consider removing the claim.

    When to ask for claim removal:
    -You believe the player has been inactive for a long time (7 days for a small build, 30 days+ for larger builds)
    - A player has claimed too close to you. The player that was there first will not have to move.

    When not to ask for claim removal:
    - The player is active.
    - You would like the items in the claim - all claims are rolled back before the claim is removed. You will not get the build that is protected by the claim.

    If, after reading this you would like to make a claim request, copy the following template and make a report here:

    Your IGN:
    Cords of claim:
    Screenshot of claim:
    (This is ideally something we need if you have it :) )
    Reason why you think claim should be removed: (The more detail you provide the faster the response!)

    Please remember we will try to action these requests as soon as possible. However rule breaking reports and appeals do take a priority so you will need to be patient. Once the post has been made you do not need to bring it to a staff members attention, or ask staff while you are in game. The appropriate staff member will assist you as soon as they can.
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  2. Logan M

    Logan M New Member

    Jun 5, 2017
    Your IGN: Gg_Mese
    Cords of claim: 2700, 7420
    Reason why you think claim should be not be removed: I am leaving the server for a while but would like to ask for my claim to not be removed. It's 65000 big with no one near me so i hope it can stay for when i come back online.
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