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October Announcements

Discussion in 'News' started by iamharry, Oct 3, 2017.

By iamharry on Oct 3, 2017 at 3:52 PM
  1. iamharry

    iamharry Owner

    Minecraft account: iamharry
    Apr 6, 2017
    Hey, everyone! Keeping this one short while we work on MC Ages development! In today's update...
    1. MC Ages Progress
    2. October Events
    3. September Top Voters
    4. September Hall of Fame
    MC Ages Progress

    Progress is coming along nicely for MC Ages. I believe we are going to choose the following games to add (may change):
    1. Skyblock
    2. Creative
    3. Factions or a PvP game
    4. Arcade (TBC)
    October Events

    It's that time of year... SSPooooOkKYY! Here are the October Events:
    1. Dark Themed Build ($25 Store Credit)
    2. Scary Skin Contest ($15 Store Credit)
    3. Scary Armor Set ($5 Store Credit) (?)
    (?) Salvage the scariest leather.. or the most ruthless diamond leggings you can obtain. You may even choose to rename your gear for extra spookiness...

    Reply to this thread with submissions! Good luck.

    September Top Voters

    Thank you to everyone that is continuing to vote for the server! September Top Voters are as follows:
    1. Sharkykzn ($40 Store Credit)
    2. Walkeruno ($25 Store Credit)
    3. cobrex ($10 Store Credit)

    September Hall of Fame

    cobrex is our Top Supporter for the month of September! Thank you so much.
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Discussion in 'News' started by iamharry, Oct 3, 2017.

    1. zack2424
      Looks like MC Ages is going to be so much fun and more things to do!! Good luck on the progress with it!!
    2. weeabear137
      Sounds really fun and im already brimming with fantastic Ideas.
      Question: Can multiple people work on the same project? for example, there are several people working on Halloween Town and it's looking really good. I know that won't be a valid entry as it was started before October first however what if a small group of people wanted to work together to make an awesome "dark themed" build? or is it strictly solo?
      I will try my best to make something awesome for the end of the month, but my personal life has other priorities at the moment and as such my attendance online may be less than what we're used to.
      Thanks Harry for another fun month of HCsurvival Minecrafting and thank you Corbex for supporting the server the most last month!
    3. Cobrex
      Thanks Harry for all you do, and the team. Looking forward to the changes and the future. Happy to support the server and be being part of its and our future.
    4. Gracem01
      Awesome new game mode additions, and thanks for the work that is put in to get those new features. I also had a question about the build, mine is the same as WeeaBear’s, can you have multiple people working on the dark themed build contest? Congrats to all three of you for being top voters!! And congrats cobrex on being top supporter, thanks for helping! XD
    5. iamharry
      Yep, the reward can be split, and you can create the same builds :)
    6. Miscopy
      oh pretty cool
    7. CastielCraw
      But I have a question to the events.
      Do you mean dark themed build as scary builds or
      dark fantasy like Lord of the Rings?
      Last edited: Oct 4, 2017
    8. Sharkykzn
      Tnx Gracem01, @iamharry has an awesome server here.
    9. BlueCorvid
      When is the end date for the events this month? :eek: Just the end of the month?
    10. CastielCraw
      Yes. End of this month
    11. MagnaLupus
    12. Nattyred08
      My submission for the build contest...
      2017-10-19_15.09.10.png 2017-10-19_15.01.19.png
    13. greighclouds
      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
      This is my entry for the Dark themed build, as you can see I made it dark in these photos, so you really can't see ;) Anyhow, its Skopelos a town. Thank you. :) -Greighskies aka Ammadin
    14. Cobrex
      The village is an awesome build - watch you all doing it - fab is all I can say :)
    15. CastielCraw
      This is my build for the halloween contest:
      2017-10-31 16_04_20-Cortana.png 2017-10-31 16_05_33-Cortana.png 2017-10-31 16_05_52-Cortana.png 2017-10-31 16_04_49-Cortana.png 2017-10-31 16_10_25-Cortana.png

      I call it Sinhill.
      Coordinates are 5492/-1493
      It was build within the month and the pictures were made by Walkeruno :D

      For the scary armor thing I have this:
      Head: Pumpkin Duke's mask
      Chestplate: Chestguard of Damned Torment
      Leggings: Hotpants of the Scourge
      Boots: Boots of of Faded Justice
      Last edited: Oct 31, 2017
    16. zack2424
      alot of very nice builds on this server