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Nether reset, future plans and sale

Discussion in 'News' started by Harry, Mar 14, 2018.

By Harry on Mar 14, 2018 at 10:03 AM
  1. Harry

    Harry Owner
    Owner -= Phantom =-

    Minecraft account: iamharry
    Apr 6, 2017
    Hi everyone! Long time no see! Just a few small things as well as a bit of an insight into our future plans.
    1. Nether reset
    2. Future plans
    3. Crate Keys Sale
    Nether reset
    I'm planning to reset the Nether world this Saturday, 17th March at 8pm UK time (http://itsalmo.st/#hc-nether-reset). We used to do this regularly, and I believe some of the issues it caused have been resolved. An End reset will follow in the coming weeks if all goes according to plan.

    Future plans
    I am back and active on the server once again. Some of the projects which I left behind are going to resume, and I will provide updates once we are ready. Digital will focus on development and other backend updates, while I handle the day-to-day operations and content updates. I look forward to this new chapter!

    Crate Keys Sale
    Crate Keys are now 20% off until Monday, 26th March! Take advantage here. Thank you!
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Discussion in 'News' started by Harry, Mar 14, 2018.

    1. BloodOfConquest
      Welcome back harry! We all missed you.
      Also nether reset was much needed, end even more so, Glad to see it happen finaly! :D
    2. Harry
      Thanks, it is nice to be back :)
    3. Aniyolo
      good to have nether reset but i am waiting for the END reset :D
      going to find all elytra :D
    4. Harry
      Will hopefully be on the following Saturday if all goes smoothly with the Nether reset. :)
    5. Ascenth
      Is is possible for you to reset the End? Would help a lot! Finding elytras and dragon heads n shulker! <3
    6. _VanishingDragon
      if you are resetting the nether and end dose that mean you are going to reset the overworld ?
    7. Harry
      It does not :)
    8. Scraggles
      end seems ok, teleported to a couple of presaved locations and did not die, but the presence of lots of cuddly endermen suggested it might be not good to hang around


      no need to reset main world as there is lots of space. 90% of players are within 10k of spawn and the map is 40x40k ?
    9. Harry
      The main world will not be reset.
    10. Danny
      Nice to see the nether being reset, lots of resources! Maybe this should happen on a 3-month basis.