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Money Exploit (The Egyptian Age Server)

May 19, 2017
I was playing on the new server testing it out to get used to it and see what it has before release and I was trying to find a way to rank up. I was at /warp ruins with fly on killing zombies for money and then I thought to test if they could die to fall damage and still get money. When i was looking for a place to hit them down to make fall damage i realized that you can build on the side of the ruins build and then made a falling trap to hit zombies down to there death and i got the money for it.

This is extremely broken as I ranked up twice when doing that for 2 minutes after being a big group over.
I have removed what i built and wont be using it anymore, hopefully this is fixed before full release


This server needs a broadcaster or something telling players that the server is in beta and will reset as some players are playing and grinding to get stuff. When I tell them about it resetting none of them knew and realize that its beta and leave to play on the old survival instead of wasting their time.
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