June Announcements

Good morning everyone! I just wanted to thank you all for continuing to enjoy the server, we are growing faster than I could have ever expected. I'm looking forward to what the future holds for HCSurvival!

In today's update...
  1. June Monthly Special
  2. $20 Giveaway
  3. May Top Voters + DOUBLE VOTE REWARDS
  4. June Events
  5. Nether/End Reset Dates
June Monthly Special

We've reached June! Summer is just around the corner... you are probably thinking about all the wonderful places you could go on holiday. The June 2017 Monthly Special is themed around travel!

The June 2017 Monthly Special includes exclusive perks that are only available this month:
  • Parrot Miniature
  • Green Sparks Particle Effect
  • #USA Tag
  • #UK Tag
  • #EU Tag
  • #AU Tag

Purchase the June 2017 Monthly Special HERE! It is only available this month. THANK YOU!

$20 Giveaway

To say thanks for supporting the server and to promote our social media platforms, we are hosting a $20 store coupon giveaway. The giveaway will end at the end of the month. Enter the giveaway HERE!


Thanks to everyone that voted for the server in May! We achieved great ranks across the lists, even though we only started half way through the month. Double vote rewards are now active until Monday! Please vote as it really helps the server!

Top Voters:
  1. drikke ($40 Store Coupon)
  2. Sebastiancrafter ($25 Store Coupon)
  3. ixSlay_ ($10 Store Coupon)
Please private message me to claim your coupons. Thanks!

June Events

Our events team have put together some great events for the month of June. There are prizes including store coupons as well as exclusive rewards ;) Read more and enter the June events on THIS THREAD!

Nether/End Reset Dates

The Nether and End worlds will both be reset on Monday 5th June. You will not lose anything! Remember, you shouldn't be building bases in these worlds as they do not allow claiming and are reset so that everyone has a fair chance at looting them!
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I am so excited about the End and Nether resets!! It'll give me a chance to go after that Dragon Egg again :3