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Apr 7, 2017
We have 3 events for you this month! Again the events are varied so there should be something to suit everybody.

Firework Display

The first event is for the best Firework Display! We want a nice image for our Instagram account for the 4th of July and we want you to create it :D For this one you need to take a screenshot (or video) on the server of your firework creations! The staff team will pick the best image for the account :) As the 4th of July is just around the corner this event will end at 6pm GMT time so be sure to submit your entries before then. For those of you who aren't sure about how GMT time relates to your timezone click here to see our timer :D To enter the contest simply post your image/video below before the contest expires. You can submit more than one entry.

#Pyromaniac in game tag
Pyrotechnics Expert Forum Medal

Tribe Build Competition
We have another build competition! This time it is a tribe build competition. The build needs to have a purpose and a use in your tribe. For example this could be a town hall, storage room, armory etc. The build needs to be built during the event time, no old builds will count.

All buildings that are entered need to be inspired by your tribe name, so let your creativity lose! For example if I was in a tribe called "Space" my build would need incorporate the theme of space.

You may want to make use of our new claim fly release to make building easier. We also have the head database (/hdb) which you can use to add those finishing touches, and the armor stand editor.

The build comp will run for three weeks. Check the end time here.

To enter the build contest a member of the tribe needs to post below images of the build they wish to enter. The post must include the names of all tribe members and their rank within the tribe. Any player who joins the tribe after the submission has been made will not receive the prizes mentioned below. There is no minimum or maximum tribe member requirement.

Exclusive in game tag for each tribe member
Exclusive Forum Medal
Small Gem Pouch for each tribe member
Small Claims Pouch for each tribe member
$20 Store Credit (this will be awarded to the Founder of the Tribe to use on the tribe's behalf)
1 Claim Fly for each tribe member

The Best Tamer on the Server
After the success and fun competition in our last McMMO event we have decided to pick more of a challenging McMMO for you to compete in - TAMING!

I hope everyone lets their inner dog whisperer run wild ;) Be sure to make use of those McMMO Boosters if you are struggling to level up fast enough.

The event will run for three weeks. Check the end time here.

Exclusive in game tag
Exclusive Forum Medal
$10 Store Credit

Good Luck everyone <3
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May 12, 2017
Universe #Alpha 36
Build Competetion:
Nether Base: Haggisbob (Chief)
Modern Base: Sharethelode (Grunt)
Other builds: MagnaLupus (Founder
All Images are here:

The Tribe name is Industrial Era, the story behind it is we are a new civilization on a corrupted planet, and live in domes each based on a biome to help us survive, so each dome is a different biome, and different people live in them.
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