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Guru Rank

Discussion in 'What's New?' started by Beabie, Jul 18, 2017.

By Beabie on Jul 18, 2017 at 2:05 PM
  1. Beabie

    Beabie Well-Known Member
    Retired Dragon

    Minecraft account: Beabie
    Apr 7, 2017

    We are happy to announce that we are adding a new rank to the server. This will be known as the
    Guru rank. This will predominately be given by staff members to players who have an interest in becoming staff.

    Sometimes when we are looking at someone who wants to become a staff member we might have some reservations (for a number of reasons I wont bore you with). We are introducing this rank so we can give some players a chance. The rank will have access to limited staff commands and will give players a great idea about what joining the staff team would actually be like and what work would be involved.

    The rank will last for around a week, at which time a helper application will be rewarded or a player can return to their own rank. Feedback will be given along the way and dedicated staff members will be on hand.

    An interesting twist on this rank is that we are open for player nominations :) That’s right you don’t just need to necessarily apply to be a staff member to get this. We understand that there are a lot of players in game who show fantastic staff potential and just may not see it in themselves, so don’t apply to be staff. We want YOUR help to find them :)

    If you know about a helpful in game player then please be sure to comment below. We need to know the player’s IGN and what they did. Please provide a screenshot here. It will hold a lot more weight on your suggestion. If you don’t have a screenshot perhaps wait until you see that player helping out again. If appropriate you can send Discord screenshots and forum links.

    While a nomination may not immediately be given a Guru rank it helps us identify which players we should speak to :) It also helps any player who has a current application and will also help to a certain Forum medal…

    Before it is asked: No you cannot nominate yourself! You should make an application instead :p Also asking players to nominate you, staging any help, using alts etc. to ensure you get a nomination will result in a punishment! If you are genuinely helping players in game then you should get a nomination :)
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Discussion in 'What's New?' started by Beabie, Jul 18, 2017.

    1. Ribby
      This is a really neat idea. :) I know I haven't been on the server as long as many others, but I'd actually like to nominate Brogan. (IGN: Brogann)

      Not only is he really friendly and welcoming on the server, but he's also been incredibly helpful pretty much every time I've been online. On multiple occassions Brogan has helped me whenever I've needed it! When I was finding it difficult to get any sea lanterns, he helped out by finding some and very kindly gave me them for free. He also gave me a book of mending when I was looking for one, which was incredibly generous. He has also always said that I can ask for help if I ever need it.

      I feel like Brogan would make a great guru on the server; he has helped me immensely, and I feel that the server would definitely benefit from this! :D

      Edit: The only screenshot I have is of a discord conversation where Brogan messaged to tell me he bought the sea lanterns, if that will suffice! :p Screenshot here: https://puu.sh/wN3vb/d5894b46e0.png
      Last edited: Jul 18, 2017
    2. aventadoryan
      I love the idea of this, props to whoever came up with it
    3. Hudson
      I like this idea! I am excited to see how it contributes to the team
    4. Gracem01
      This does sound like a great idea for people to help out and see what a helper actually does on the server.
    5. Callum
      Love the idea of this rank !