Giveaway and Crates

Hey, everyone! I'm here to brighten up what is probably your average terrible Monday... unless you're on your holidays and if so I am very jealous! In today's update...
  1. Giveaway
  2. Crates

Congratulations to Drew M who is the previous winner of the last giveaway! We have contacted you to receive your coupon. And with that over... it is time for a new giveaway! This one is a bit different, and is based on our Discord. To enter, join our Discord at and post your Minecraft name in the #giveaway channel. You will then be entered into the draw of winning a $10 Store Coupon! The giveaway will end on 1st August. Good luck!


After popular request since we opened, I am pleased to finally announce the addition of Crates to the server. Crates contain various loot which you can use on your conquest across HCSurvival! You can purchase Tier 1 Crate Keys from the Gem Shop (15 gems), and from that, you could go on to win a Tier 3 Crate Key! Tier 2 and Tier 3 Crate Keys are available from the store. Click here to browse our range of Crate Keys. They are currently discounted with trial prices to figure out what works best. Be sure to take advantage of this!

We are aware of the various server bugs that you are all currently experiencing, and with the extra funds that we hope to raise from Crate Keys, we hope to fund more development.

Thanks to @ChainOfLightning and @Beabie for working very hard on putting the loot tables together. And thanks to @Noxy for the awesome screenshot in today's post! P.s... talking of awesome screenshots, check out this one of Noxy using the AutoFarm Scroll:
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