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A new direction

Discussion in 'News' started by Harry, Sep 24, 2017.

By Harry on Sep 24, 2017 at 4:31 PM
  1. Harry

    Harry Owner
    Owner -= Phantom =-

    Minecraft account: iamharry
    Apr 6, 2017
    Hey everyone,

    I'm pleased to announce that I am back after I have been settling into my new place. This is a big announcement, so I would appreciate if you read it all!

    Since the server launched, the number of player joins has been poor compared to what it should be, and this has then resulted in poor performance across the board. This is due to multiple reasons, but one of the more obvious reasons is because the server is named "HCSurvival" - the name alone puts casual players off joining because it sounds too hard (even though we all know it isn't ;)). This made lots of advertising campaigns unsuccessful for the price they cost. Furthermore, we are trying to compete with servers that have a plethora of games, and as such they are much more successful in getting new players.

    As we only advertise to survival players, we are only getting say 1/4 of the player joins (compared to a network with 4 games). This, you guessed it, leads to less advertising performance and stops us from growing. Sure, I could start lots of advertisements and get the server back to where it was in a couple of weeks, but it would not be sustainable. Due to this, we are going to be rebranding the server and adding more games (+ more fun!).

    The server will be rebranded to "MC Ages" and will contain various games (decided by you). The name is much more open and allows us to expand. You will choose the age (e.g. Survival) that you want to play! We will have lots of cool features such as global tribes and global chat, so there will still be the community feel. Furthermore, advertising campaigns will attract many more players, and as a result we will be able to produce lots MORE content!

    Not only will there be more games, but we will also be simplifying a lot of things. I am going to try to automate a lot of staff tasks, and there will only be two staff roles (Admin and Moderator). There will be much more to come, which I hope will mostly come from you! Please take the time to answer this survey, so you can help create MC Ages:


    You will lose nothing that you have previously purchased. Ranks will have more value, as they will carry across to all games! There is currently no release date for MC Ages, but development will begin tomorrow. Please voice your thoughts!

    I would also like to honour the staff member Noxy who recently resigned from her role as Admin. She was a very dedicated staff member and I will truly miss her. That also goes for other staff members that have resigned. Thank you.

    EDIT: The world will not be reset, but it may be expanded and some changes will likely be made :)
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    Last edited: Sep 25, 2017
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Discussion in 'News' started by Harry, Sep 24, 2017.

    1. Gracem01
      Well, the new changes sound fun, and congrats on getting settled into your new place Harry! And I think I speak for all of us when saying, we're going to miss Noxy, she will be missed from everybody on the server.
    2. Harry
      Thank you! We really will :(
    3. Cobrex
      I am sorry to hear that Noxy and other staff are or have resigned, however, I am sure the server will go from strength to strength and am looking forward to being part of the future of MC Ages. (Hope the house move went well) :)
    4. xZom
      Sad on news on noxy..But with MC Ages on the horizon we now step into the path to a great place
    5. BlueCorvid
      Ominous! As a Minecraft player who was new to servers when I joined at the beginning of this month, I have to say that the simplicity of a survival-only server was a big draw for me here. Servers with lots of games and terminology I didn't understand were ones I avoided. I hope that I'll still be able to play the same way and learn any new stuff at my own pace!

      Kind of scary to see everything changing (and especially all the people leaving) considering I really just joined. I hope everything goes well! It'll certainly be an adventure!
    6. S4cr3dGaming
      Very sad that Noxy and another staff left. Looking forwards to MC Ages also will all current staff be reset as well and will survival map be reset?
    7. Beabie
      Hyped for the changes :)
    8. Walkeruno
      It’s very sad to hear Noxy resigned, let’s hope there’ll be someone who can be as dedicated as her.

      Also love the idea MC Ages and hope it’ll benefit the server much!
    9. Scraggles
      games are nice, but prefer survival as it is on the server with the option to do other things if you want to
    10. CastielCraw
      I'm shocked that Noxy left. I mean like seriously, that is shocking.
      The server is pretty much unstaffed.
      But I also have some questions. Will the world be resetted or will there be a hub
      added with some portals leading to the, us well known, survival world?
      A lot of veterans will probably quit, if the world gets resetted.
      And if not, what will happen with Fantasia? It's a huge part of our good world and is truely something
      special, since Noxy is not here anymore to manage it.
      I swear...I'll cry if this lovely world gets erased. ):
      Last edited: Sep 25, 2017
    11. Harry
      The world will not be reset, but it may be expanded and some changes will likely be made :)
    12. CastielCraw
    13. Sharkykzn
      Best of success in expanding the format of the server, although I personally dislike a server based on a bunch of mini-games etc mainly because I am just an old-school vanilla-survival player I really hope this aspect of the game is preserved and not impacted through the upcoming additions.

      I fully understand and respect the need to draw numbers and remain optimistic that these changes benefit the server community as a whole.
      Some recent changes has resulted in me often disabling the chat hoping the novelty would wear off to flex ones freedom of verbal expression, however the constant influx of new players seems to keep reviving this new found freedom. So I'm often not just ignoring anyone, just keeping my screen clear.

      Kindred respect to all.
    14. kbeus
      Ty for keeping the server up it is much appreciated.
    15. BloodOfConquest
      sry i'm a bit late. (i had a few problems)

      i am new here but i love this server and i'm here to stay so i will fully support any change that makes the server a better place.
      it is a shame that noxy left she was a great admin but we have to move on... for the server.
      i hope this server gets more staff because it realy has the potential to be the best.
      (also i hope i can be one of the new hard working staff)
      also i would like survival to remain as the main part and feature of HCsurvival/MC Ages.
      well thats all i have to say...
      go for it harry we will be with you to the end that will never come! (hopfully)
      Last edited: Sep 27, 2017
    16. CMPro
      I'm sad that we lost noxy, just like everyone else.
      Also, I have one question and a few suggestions for games to add.
      First, the question: will what the server currently is still be available just as it currently is? (As in, will nothing be different if someone doesn't want it to be, and they can have the exact same experience)
      And the Game suggestions...
      Build Battle
      Zombie Survival challenge

      Yeah, that's all I got.
    17. Astro_Dragon
      Try and get Noxy back if you can. I doubt any existing players or staff can replace her.
      Good plan too, I hope it materializes the way you want it to. :)
    18. weeabear137
      While I'm excited for change, I don't really have a whole lot of input for what type of games I'd want to see. I've always just kept to survival for the challenge. But when it comes to game modes I'd like to try I would pick:
      -some kind of midevil RP

      But if I could throw my two cents in for the changes to survival, my top three changes would be:

      -make creepers scary again! Creepers that blow your stuff up and hurt you is what makes survival fun. Also TnT being able to do block damage as well.

      -allow PvP in the wild areas (anywhere that's not claimed)
      This is survival and we should learn to watch our backs because not everyone is an ally. If people want to play easy mode survival, go play somewhere else. Or why bother playing survival at all?

      -this last change is tricky, my very first Minecraft survival server I joined had a plug in and I forget what it's called. Basically you were able to purchase sentry wards for your base and they looked like mob heads. They would attack any enemies on sight and you were encouraged to defend your base from enemy tribes/kingdoms. It was super fun as it made you think of your base builds in a tactical sense, and you wanted it to stay hidden.

      While I wouldn't want to cause my fellow HC survival pals any grief over their fantastic creations being reset, I do want to see a new survival world thats truly a hardcore PvP challenge. Where I can wander for 20k blocks and hide my base so well, it would take YEARS to find me! So maybe we could have two survival games? One thats our current world and survival isn't that challenging. And one where it IS challenging! PvP, base raids, and creepers trying to ruin your day!

      In closing Harry, I really do like playing on HC Survival, as it's the only server I've ever donated to and bought a rank from. I enjoy playing with the people here and the staff are awesome. I would be open to becoming a staff member if it will help us transition to a better, well rounded server for thousands of awesome minecrafters.

      PS: I really hope for a more challenging Survival experience in the upcoming changes!
    19. Scraggles
      Some interesting ideas, used to play on a server that was pve and then they changed it to a pvp everywhere, the server almost died due to a lack of players who wanted pvp all the time, you could have 2 maps, one for pvp and one for pve. But then we already have this with /warp pvp so that those who want to fight can do so and those who don't can use a pve server.

      If hardcore pvp is what interests you, then this is the wrong server.

      am perfectly ok with hidden bases with redstone traps, be it being crushed flat or blown up with tnt, but pretty much the whole map is on top of the surface.

      you can toggle damage for your claim already and allow creepers to frag it for that authentic feel and use tnt to dig holes :)

      tribes is factions, having tribes and medieval RP is going to be a bit of a dog's breakfast