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1.12 Update, Developer Introduction, Claim Fly, New Boosters

Discussion in 'News' started by iamharry, Jun 20, 2017.

By iamharry on Jun 20, 2017 at 2:47 PM
  1. iamharry

    iamharry Owner

    Minecraft account: iamharry
    Apr 6, 2017
    Evening survivors! In today's update...
    1. 1.12 Update
    2. Developer Introduction
    3. Claim Fly
    4. Boosters remade
    1.12 Update

    I am pleased to announce that the server is now running on full Minecraft 1.12. Thanks for your patience, a lot of work went into ensuring a smooth transition from 1.11. With that being said, there are some issues:
    1. The scoreboard is not fully functioning, however, it will be fixed when the server reboots tomorrow.
    2. Old boosters are currently not working, however, they will be fixed when the server reboots tomorrow. More info is in the boosters notes below. I will be notified if anyone activates a booster, and they will be reimbursed tomorrow.
    3. Our questing system has been removed because it was full of exploits. We are either going to find an alternative or make our own.
    Developer Introduction

    I am excited to introduce our first Game Developer, @TheMasteredPanda! He will be working alongside me to create new server content. He created the Claim Fly + Boosters that are featured in today's update. Be sure to say hi, he said that doesn't bite (although that can't be proven!).

    Claim Fly

    Since launch, a lot of players have requested some sort of fly system to make building large structures much easier. I am pleased to announce a new system unique to HCSurvival, that lets you fly in your claims that you own (and soon, claims that you are trusted in!) using Claim Fly time purchased from the Gem Shop (20 gems) and from the Server Store.

    The following commands are available for Claim Fly:
    1. /claimfly - Toggle flight
    2. /claimfly time - View remaining time
    Boosters remade

    PSA: This system will be live on the server reboot tomorrow. Do not use any boosters you currently have.

    Up until now, the boosters system we have been using has been very inefficient and laggy. As a result, the feature has been recreated from scratch so that is both efficient and bug-free. It will work exactly as it does currently, but in a way that is much easier on the server :)

    The following commands are available for Boosters:
    1. /hcbooster mute - Mute exp gain notifications
    2. /hcbooster activeboosters - View the currently active boosters
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Discussion in 'News' started by iamharry, Jun 20, 2017.

    1. Deactivated Account 2
      Deactivated Account 2

      You'll see me around a lot. I don't bite, I promise.
    2. IGRossy
      Thanks for all your work guys :) i can wait to try out all the new features <3
    3. TheGloryGoat
      Hey Panda!

      Thanks for the fly update.. It makes building so much easier. :D

      Harry said to say hi and not hey so: Hi!

      I can't believe that a MasteredPanda doesn't bite :rolleyes:
    4. Drakko__
      @TheMasteredPanda, Welcome to the HCsurvival Community it's great to have new staff and players. Its also good to see the first Developer join the network I hope you enjoy your stay and if you need me shoot me a message and i'm more then happy to respond. -THEbasMCD (Drakko__) Have a nice day <3
    5. Drakko__
      Also If you need any help with config plugins etc I'll do my best to assist u <3
    6. Sharkykzn
      is the Claim Fly a one off use at 20 Gems for an hour, or purchased once and can only be used an hour at a time with a cool down period?
    7. Beabie
      It's a one off for an hour :)
    8. Ravenking12
      Thank you. Now I can be a true bird, flying, swooping, soaring, diving,gliding without a care. These wings shall fly yet!

      Wait, did you say you can only use one once?
    9. iamharry
      Yes, they last for 1 hour each.
    10. Ravenking12
      So can you use more than one?
    11. Gracem01
      Thanks for getting claim fly!!! It'll make building so much easier! And congrats to TheMasteredPanda on getting the first developer position!!!