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Evening all. We are working on lots of content updates at the moment, however, I've leaked too much on the server, so I guess I should announce some of it! In today's update...
  1. A Co-Owner?!
  2. HCLevels
  3. Website Leaderboards and Player Profiles
  4. Quality of Life Voting changes
  5. Let us know your thoughts
  6. Graphics overhaul
  7. Mob spawning increased
  8. Store offers
A Co-Owner?!

@Beabie has been working incredibly hard on HCSurvival since we opened, so I am honoured to announce that her title is changing from "Head-Admin" to "Co-Owner". This new title better fits the executive decisions that she makes on the server. Please join me in congratulating and thanking her for everything she has done for HCSurvival!


A new levelling system has been added; HCLevels. You gain points from killing different mobs as well as players, which count towards your level. At the moment it is simply for bragging rights, however, it will be used for events and competitions in the future. It should also encourage some friendly competition ;)





Website Leaderboards and Player Profiles

A system that I have wanted since day one, we now have website leaderboards as well as player profiles which display various server statistics. You can view the leaderboard at https://www.hcsurvival.com/pages/leaderboard/! I will continue to add further statistics to it.

A HUGE thanks to the Web Hero herself @Noxy for...
Hey, everyone! Are you enjoying your summer...? Ah... Australians thought I forgot you there. But don't worry, you have nothing to complain about as your winter is just as hot as our summers! :( Anyway... rant over. Time for some announcements! In today's update...
  1. A recap
  2. Voting update
  3. August Events
  4. July Hall of Fame
  5. July Top Voters
  6. July Event Winners
A recap

We have had an awesome few months since launching in May of this year. I just wanted to go over a few random numbers, as I am very proud of where the server is today! Thanks for forming an awesome community.

100,000 - Website views
25,000 - Number of total server votes
11,000 - Server unique joins
1,000 - Website members
780 - Number of server tribes
350 - Discord members

Voting update

Voting has really helped us grow and become exposed to new players. As such, I have added two new vote sites! The links for these sites
are https://www.hcsurvival.com/vote/6 and https://www.hcsurvival.com/vote/7. Thanks for continuing to support the server by voting!

August Events

This month we have a new array of events ready to be conquered!
  1. Theme Park Build
  2. Skin and Cape Contest
  3. Favourite Block Build
  4. Event Lottery
Check out the details for these events and enter here. Beabie put a lot of time into these events so we hope you enjoy them!...
Hello, everyone! In today's update...
  1. Gem Shop update
  2. Sponsored Slots
Gem shop update

The Gem shop has been redesigned so that each category now has a separate menu. This not only looks better, but it makes it much easier to add future content. New tags have been added (all suggested by the community!) and a shovel has been added to the items shop (it was about time...).


Sponsored Slots

After you started using the Auction House as a means to advertise your products and services, it was only fitting that a dedicated feature for such transactions! At the market, there are now 4 NPCs. When you click them, a slots menu will be opened like below:


Premium players can purchase a slot that will last for a short while. You can set a custom message such as "Dodgy Building Services" or, as @enderstyle decided to go for "Free Bacon for @themiraclezom":


There are no guidelines as to what you can set your message to, but normal rules apply.

P.s. We are aware of the issue with the 3rd slot. It was working fine on our development server, the issue has appeared since being put on the live server. We are looking into it!