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Afternoon everyone, today I am back with yet another update! Lots of tribes have already reached level 10, and today I am announcing 5 new levels with new and exclusive rewards. These levels are much harder to achieve, but they reap the benefits! Trails have been added to the server, meaning that you can customise your look on HCSurvival. You can activate multiple trails at a time to be even more unique. These trails are unlocked exclusively from tribe levels, and can be activated with /trails. Furthermore, this update will seperate the contenders on /tribe top, as it will only show the truly top tribes.

Level 11 (100k):
  • All 5 Rain Trails
Level 12 (250k):
  • All 8 Block Trails
Level 13 (500k):
  • All 29 Particle Trails
Level 14 (750k):
  • Wings Builder
Level 15 (1m):
  • #TopTribe tag


These rewards are given to all tribe members. Will your tribe rise above and master these new levels?

I am also pleased to announce a new store addition! Boosters are now available with each one activating double MCMMO XP (2x) for the whole server for 1 hour! View and purchase boosters here. Thank you for the support!

Are you up to date with yesterday's updates? Safari Nets, small pets update and new advertisements.
Greetings everyone! It is our one week anniversary, how amazing :p I want to thank you all for coming together to form what is already an amazing community. Today's update is aimed at our community, as we present you with a new challenge on HCSurvival; the Hardcore rank.

This rank is different to the Member rank because it requires completing in-game tasks before receiving it. It has very steep requirements, but it is very prestigious and comes with awesome perks:
  • Purple in-game, forum and discord rank to show other players your efforts
  • Access to /hcshop - an in-game shop with exclusive content to buy in game (Exclusive to Hardcore rank)
  • Access to the Lion miniature pet (Exclusive to Hardcore rank)
  • Ability to set a playerwarp in-game (Exclusive to Hardcore rank)
  • Access to #Hardcore, #Lion, #Master and #Prestigious tags (Exclusive to Hardcore rank)
  • #Hardcore Forum medal (Exclusive to Hardcore rank)
The requirements:
  • Level 1000 in 5 areas of McMMO and at least level 100 in the rest - you pick which areas you want to level up the most.
  • Own a shop at /warp market - must have at least 5 player chest shops that are stocked
  • Must be a member of a tribe with a level of at least 15 (rank within the tribe doesn't matter)
  • Cost of 1 million coins
  • 20 completed quests
  • Clean punishment history for 2-weeks prior to application
For more information on the new Hardcore rank, and to apply for it, click here.

We have also released new scrolls in the recent days. Scrolls are physical items that are purchased from the store, giving you permanent lifetime access to a...
The launch of the server was amazing, welcome everybody! I'm very proud of how the server launch went and I want to thank you all for all the positive feedback that we've been receiving. We have received lots of suggestions and improvements which we can make to the server and I look forward to implementing them.

Each month, there is a store special which includes exclusive items relative to that month. Today I am presenting the May Monthly Special which contains items relative to the server launch as well as a bonus item... may the fourth be with you!

The May Monthly Special:


Purchase the May 2017 Monthly Special HERE!

I have also fixed various bugs, and I am going to continue working through them:

  • Added automatic tab refresh
  • Added shop signs with multiple quantities
  • Fixed /r
  • Added combat tag
  • Fixed bosses not spawning in PvP
  • Bosses will now only automatically spawn in PvP. They were not spawning automatically because the chunks were not loaded
  • New Boss rewards including small mcMMO pouches, claim block pouches and higher numbers of coins
  • New KoTH rewards including mcMMO pouches, claim block pouches, money and an exclusive "#KoTH" tag
  • New Supply Drop rewards including claim block pouches and mcMMO pouches (What else would you like to see?)
  • Added boss rewards for the top 10 killers
  • Fixed disposal signs
  • Fixed colour signs
  • Removed KoTH boss bar because it does not disappear after the event ends
  • Staggered Fishing Contest so it does not clash with other automatic events
  • Added button to the vote menu so that it is quicker to open all vote sites
Welcome to HCSurvival! We set out with one simple goal; to create the best multiplayer survival experience. Everything we ever dreamt of in a survival server. If you're reading this then it means we made it to launch, which at times I didn't think was possible. Months of hard work and too much coffee has resulted in what we present you with today.​

If you come across any issues (which I'm betting on), please let us know here.

We hope you enjoy HCSurvival and will join us in our journey of being the best Minecraft survival server.