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Evening all. We are working on lots of content updates at the moment, however, I've leaked too much on the server, so I guess I should announce some of it! In today's update...
  1. A Co-Owner?!
  2. HCLevels
  3. Website Leaderboards and Player Profiles
  4. Quality of Life Voting changes
  5. Let us know your thoughts
  6. Graphics overhaul
  7. Mob spawning increased
  8. Store offers
A Co-Owner?!

@Beabie has been working incredibly hard on HCSurvival since we opened, so I am honoured to announce that her title is changing from "Head-Admin" to "Co-Owner". This new title better fits the executive decisions that she makes on the server. Please join me in congratulating and thanking her for everything she has done for HCSurvival!


A new levelling system has been added; HCLevels. You gain points from killing different mobs as well as players, which count towards your level. At the moment it is simply for bragging rights, however, it will be used for events and competitions in the future. It should also encourage some friendly competition ;)





Website Leaderboards and Player Profiles

A system that I have wanted since day one, we now have website leaderboards as well as player profiles which display various server statistics. You can view the leaderboard at https://www.hcsurvival.com/pages/leaderboard/! I will continue to add further statistics to it.

A HUGE thanks to the Web Hero herself @Noxy for...
Hey, everyone! Are you enjoying your summer...? Ah... Australians thought I forgot you there. But don't worry, you have nothing to complain about as your winter is just as hot as our summers! :( Anyway... rant over. Time for some announcements! In today's update...
  1. A recap
  2. Voting update
  3. August Events
  4. July Hall of Fame
  5. July Top Voters
  6. July Event Winners
A recap

We have had an awesome few months since launching in May of this year. I just wanted to go over a few random numbers, as I am very proud of where the server is today! Thanks for forming an awesome community.

100,000 - Website views
25,000 - Number of total server votes
11,000 - Server unique joins
1,000 - Website members
780 - Number of server tribes
350 - Discord members

Voting update

Voting has really helped us grow and become exposed to new players. As such, I have added two new vote sites! The links for these sites
are https://www.hcsurvival.com/vote/6 and https://www.hcsurvival.com/vote/7. Thanks for continuing to support the server by voting!

August Events

This month we have a new array of events ready to be conquered!
  1. Theme Park Build
  2. Skin and Cape Contest
  3. Favourite Block Build
  4. Event Lottery
Check out the details for these events and enter here. Beabie put a lot of time into these events so we hope you enjoy them!...
Hello, everyone! In today's update...
  1. Gem Shop update
  2. Sponsored Slots
Gem shop update

The Gem shop has been redesigned so that each category now has a separate menu. This not only looks better, but it makes it much easier to add future content. New tags have been added (all suggested by the community!) and a shovel has been added to the items shop (it was about time...).


Sponsored Slots

After you started using the Auction House as a means to advertise your products and services, it was only fitting that a dedicated feature for such transactions! At the market, there are now 4 NPCs. When you click them, a slots menu will be opened like below:


Premium players can purchase a slot that will last for a short while. You can set a custom message such as "Dodgy Building Services" or, as @enderstyle decided to go for "Free Bacon for @themiraclezom":


There are no guidelines as to what you can set your message to, but normal rules apply.

P.s. We are aware of the issue with the 3rd slot. It was working fine on our development server, the issue has appeared since being put on the live server. We are looking into it!

Today, I am pleased to announce that we have launched a new Auctions system. The new system is bug-free and actually works! Plus... you actually bid on items! :eek:

When you type /ah, the following menu will appear:


There are 5 sections:
  • All Auctions (opens the current auctions)
  • Watching (opens the auctions that you are bidding on)
  • Your Auctions (opens the auctions that you are running)
  • Winnings (opens your winnings)
  • Expired items (opens your expired auction items)
Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour (or the money?). Let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions. I understand that you may prefer the old system, however, it had far too many issues for us to continue using and we hope that you understand!

We are happy to announce that we are adding a new rank to the server. This will be known as the
Guru rank. This will predominately be given by staff members to players who have an interest in becoming staff.

Sometimes when we are looking at someone who wants to become a staff member we might have some reservations (for a number of reasons I wont bore you with). We are introducing this rank so we can give some players a chance. The rank will have access to limited staff commands and will give players a great idea about what joining the staff team would actually be like and what work would be involved.

The rank will last for around a week, at which time a helper application will be rewarded or a player can return to their own rank. Feedback will be given along the way and dedicated staff members will be on hand.

An interesting twist on this rank is that we are open for player nominations :) That’s right you don’t just need to necessarily apply to be a staff member to get this. We understand that there are a lot of players in game who show fantastic staff potential and just may not see it in themselves, so don’t apply to be staff. We want YOUR help to find them :)

If you know about a helpful in game player then please be sure to comment below. We need to know the player’s IGN and what they did. Please provide a screenshot here. It will hold a lot more weight on your suggestion. If you don’t have a screenshot perhaps wait until you see that player helping out again. If appropriate you can send Discord screenshots and forum links.

While a nomination may not immediately be given a Guru rank it helps us identify which players we should speak to :) It also helps any player who has a current application and will also help to a certain Forum medal…

Before it...
Hey, everyone! I'm here to brighten up what is probably your average terrible Monday... unless you're on your holidays and if so I am very jealous! In today's update...
  1. Giveaway
  2. Crates

Congratulations to Drew M who is the previous winner of the last giveaway! We have contacted you to receive your coupon. And with that over... it is time for a new giveaway! This one is a bit different, and is based on our Discord. To enter, join our Discord at https://www.hcsurvival.com/discord and post your Minecraft name in the #giveaway channel. You will then be entered into the draw of winning a $10 Store Coupon! The giveaway will end on 1st August. Good luck!


After popular request since we opened, I am pleased to finally announce the addition of Crates to the server. Crates contain various loot which you can use on your conquest across HCSurvival! You can purchase Tier 1 Crate Keys from the Gem Shop (15 gems), and from that, you could go on to win a Tier 3 Crate Key! Tier 2 and Tier 3 Crate Keys are available from the store. Click here to browse our range of Crate Keys. They are currently discounted with trial prices to figure out what works best. Be sure to take advantage of this!

We are aware of the various server bugs that you are all currently experiencing, and with the extra funds that we hope to raise from Crate Keys, we hope to fund more development.

Thanks to @ChainOfLightning and @Beabie for working very hard on putting the loot tables together. And thanks to @Noxy for the awesome screenshot in today's post! P.s... talking of...
In today's update...
  1. Store Additions
  2. June Top Voters
  3. July Events
  4. Rule Updates
  5. Top Donator & Hall of Fame
Store additions

This month we have seen new items to the store and also some updated versions of items that were available previously:
  1. Claim Fly: Fly in your claims
  2. AutoFarm: Automatically plant, replant and yield your crops.
  3. Rename: Customise the names of your items with fancy colors.
Click here to browse the store! ❤️

June Top Voters

Thanks to everyone that voted for the server in June! Please vote as it really helps the server!

Top Voters:

  1. drikke
  2. Silver_LuXio, Sharkykzn & enderstyle
  3. Ruinmaster
Please private message @iamharry to claim your coupons. Thanks!

July Events

Our events team have put together some great events for the month of July. There are prizes including store coupons as well as exclusive rewards ;) Read more and enter the July events on THIS THREAD!

If you want to put together ideas for future events let us know your ideas

Evening survivors! In today's update...
  1. 1.12 Update
  2. Developer Introduction
  3. Claim Fly
  4. Boosters remade
1.12 Update

I am pleased to announce that the server is now running on full Minecraft 1.12. Thanks for your patience, a lot of work went into ensuring a smooth transition from 1.11. With that being said, there are some issues:
  1. The scoreboard is not fully functioning, however, it will be fixed when the server reboots tomorrow.
  2. Old boosters are currently not working, however, they will be fixed when the server reboots tomorrow. More info is in the boosters notes below. I will be notified if anyone activates a booster, and they will be reimbursed tomorrow.
  3. Our questing system has been removed because it was full of exploits. We are either going to find an alternative or make our own.
Developer Introduction

I am excited to introduce our first Game Developer, @TheMasteredPanda! He will be working alongside me to create new server content. He created the Claim Fly + Boosters that are featured in today's update. Be sure to say hi, he said that doesn't bite (although that can't be proven!).

Claim Fly

Since launch, a lot of players have requested some sort of fly system to make building large structures much easier. I am pleased to announce a new system unique to HCSurvival, that lets you fly in your claims that you own (and soon, claims that you are trusted in!) using Claim Fly time purchased from the Gem Shop (20 gems) and from the...
Good morning everyone! I just wanted to thank you all for continuing to enjoy the server, we are growing faster than I could have ever expected. I'm looking forward to what the future holds for HCSurvival!

In today's update...
  1. June Monthly Special
  2. $20 Giveaway
  3. May Top Voters + DOUBLE VOTE REWARDS
  4. June Events
  5. Nether/End Reset Dates
June Monthly Special

We've reached June! Summer is just around the corner... you are probably thinking about all the wonderful places you could go on holiday. The June 2017 Monthly Special is themed around travel!

The June 2017 Monthly Special includes exclusive perks that are only available this month:
  • Parrot Miniature
  • Green Sparks Particle Effect
  • #USA Tag
  • #UK Tag
  • #EU Tag
  • #AU Tag



Purchase the June 2017 Monthly Special HERE! It is only available this month. THANK YOU!

$20 Giveaway

To say thanks for supporting the server and to promote our social media platforms, we are hosting a $20 store coupon giveaway. The giveaway will end at the end of the month. Enter the giveaway HERE!


Thanks to everyone that voted for the server in May! We achieved great ranks across the lists, even though we only started half way through the month. Double vote rewards are now active until Monday! Please vote as it really helps the server!

Top Voters:...
Afternoon everyone, today I am back with yet another update! Lots of tribes have already reached level 10, and today I am announcing 5 new levels with new and exclusive rewards. These levels are much harder to achieve, but they reap the benefits! Trails have been added to the server, meaning that you can customise your look on HCSurvival. You can activate multiple trails at a time to be even more unique. These trails are unlocked exclusively from tribe levels, and can be activated with /trails. Furthermore, this update will seperate the contenders on /tribe top, as it will only show the truly top tribes.

Level 11 (100k):
  • All 5 Rain Trails
Level 12 (250k):
  • All 8 Block Trails
Level 13 (500k):
  • All 29 Particle Trails
Level 14 (750k):
  • Wings Builder
Level 15 (1m):
  • #TopTribe tag


These rewards are given to all tribe members. Will your tribe rise above and master these new levels?

I am also pleased to announce a new store addition! Boosters are now available with each one activating double MCMMO XP (2x) for the whole server for 1 hour! View and purchase boosters here. Thank you for the support!

Are you up to date with yesterday's updates? Safari Nets, small pets update and new advertisements.