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Hey all, end of the month has finally came. Valentine's day is right around the corner.
  1. February Events
  2. Updates
  3. January Top Voters
  4. January Hall of Fame

February Events
More information on this months events can be found at,
(Last Month; Event Lottery - 0o_Dreggy_o0 & Pixel Art: cntrljose)

  • Casino released with blackjack and slot machines! (/warp casino)
  • Rules changed to a GUI (/rules)
  • New player spawn updated with NPCs.
  • Tab list, announcements, join messages cleaned up.
  • Pink market added for more space (/warp market)
  • Event betting and hardcore/elite progress (/ranks & /bet)
  • Quests are back! (/quests)
January Top Voters
Sadly votes were not recorded this month due to the leaderboard being broken however it has been fixed for the future. Sorrrrry, enjoy /kit votebroke :)

January Hall of Fame
pooloo5 is our top supporter for January! Thank you so much!

- HCSurvival Staff.

Hey all, happy new year to you all. 2017 has been amazing for HCSurvival and this is only the beginning. I can't wait to see what we can do in 2018.
  1. January Events
  2. Updates
  3. December Top Voters
  4. December Hall of Fame

January Events
More information on this months events can be found at,
(Last Months Event Winners- Christmas Tree Build: Anticrazy100, Event Lottery: ThornGhoul, Writer: Leviathoth, Library Build: Gracem01)


  • /tribe friendlyfire has been fixed in future events.
  • Added airdrops to /vote, you now have a chance of getting a tier 1 key, some kits, cb & gem pouches.
  • /friend jump disabled when the player is in an event.
  • Hardcore shop fixed, shulker eggs should work now.
  • New PVP arena is now live! /warp pvp
  • Ability to convert coins into claimblocks is coming!
  • And more coming soon!
December Top Voters
Thank you to everyone that is continuing to vote for the server! December Top Voters are as follows:
  1. cobrex with 207 votes! ($25 Store Credit)
  2. Yummypear with 194 votes! ($10 Store Credit)
  3. 0o_Dreggy_o0 with 172 votes! (1 Gem Pouch, 1 Claim Pouch & 1 Claim fly)
December Hall of Fame...

Greetings everyone! It has been almost a year since HCSurvival was founded, how amazing :p I want to thank you all for coming together to form what is already an amazing community. Today's update is aimed at our community, as we present you with a new challenge on HCSurvival; the Elite rank.

This rank is different to the Member rank because it requires completing in-game tasks before receiving it. It has very steep requirements, but it is very prestigious and comes with awesome perks.


  • Pink in-game, forum and discord rank to show other players your efforts
  • Exclusive items in the hardcore shop ingame. (Exclusive to Elite rank)
  • Access to a Kit that has a monthly cool down.
  • Access to a new exclusive discord channel!
  • 3 Of your own skulls.
  • Access to #elite #IMadeIt #Insane #HCAddict #nolife tags (Exclusive to Elite rank)
  • Create your own tag (can only be changed once)
  • #Elite Forum medal (Exclusive to Elite rank)

  • Must be already hardcore rank.
  • Level 2000 in 5 areas of McMMO and level 1000 in the rest - you pick which areas you want to level up the most.
  • Own a shop at /warp market - must have at least 7 player chest shops that are stocked
  • Must be a member of a tribe with a level of at least 20 (rank within the tribe doesn't matter)

Hey all, 2017 has nearly come to an end!
  1. Christmas Monthly Special
  2. December Events
  3. November Top Voters
  4. November Hall of Fame

Christmas Monthly Special
The Christmas 2017 special is now out! Get your limited edition tags & cosmetic items here,

December Events
More information on this months events can be found at,
(Last Months Event Winners- Build Contest: greighclouds, Event Lottery: PandaPandaPanda6)

November Top Voters
Thank you to everyone that is continuing to vote for the server! November Top Voters are as follows:
  1. _Sporus_ with 198 votes! ($25 Store Credit)
  2. cobrex with 194 votes! ($10 Store Credit)
  3. JackelopeRex with 189 votes! (1 Gem Pouch, 1 Claim Pouch & 1 Claim fly)
November Hall of Fame
charliesdragon is our top supporter for November! Thank you so much!

- HCSurvival Staff.

p.s enjoy the snow on the website :)

Hey all, November announcements is finally here!

  1. New Owner
  2. November Events
  3. October Top Voters
  4. October Hall of Fame

New Owner
I'd like to inform you that I will be running the server from now due to Harry being very busy with exams, life, etc. Harry will remain an owner. I will be working on updates and give my best to HCSurvival. I do plan on continuing MC-Ages and the progress of that will be posted very frequently. There won't be any huge changes that disrupt everything but more subtle fixes. I want to keep the server the way Harry wanted it.

I can't wait to meet you all in game!

November Events
More information on this months events can be found at,

October Top Voters
Thank you to everyone that is continuing to vote for the server! October Top Voters are as follows:
  1. Walkeruno with 407 votes! ($25 Store Credit)
  2. Sharkykzn with 400 votes! ($10 Store Credit)
  3. cobrex with 392 votes! (1 Gem Pouch, 1 Claim Pouch & 1 Claim fly)
October Hall of Fame
is our top supporter for October! Thank you so much!
Hey, everyone! Keeping this one short while we work on MC Ages development! In today's update...
  1. MC Ages Progress
  2. October Events
  3. September Top Voters
  4. September Hall of Fame
MC Ages Progress

Progress is coming along nicely for MC Ages. I believe we are going to choose the following games to add (may change):
  1. Skyblock
  2. Creative
  3. Factions or a PvP game
  4. Arcade (TBC)
October Events

It's that time of year... SSPooooOkKYY! Here are the October Events:
  1. Dark Themed Build ($25 Store Credit)
  2. Scary Skin Contest ($15 Store Credit)
  3. Scary Armor Set ($5 Store Credit) (?)
(?) Salvage the scariest leather.. or the most ruthless diamond leggings you can obtain. You may even choose to rename your gear for extra spookiness...

Reply to this thread with submissions! Good luck.

September Top Voters

Thank you to everyone that is continuing to vote for the server! September Top Voters are as follows:
  1. Sharkykzn ($40 Store Credit)
  2. Walkeruno ($25 Store Credit)
  3. cobrex ($10 Store Credit)

September Hall of Fame

cobrex is our Top Supporter for the month of September! Thank you so much.
Hey everyone,

I'm pleased to announce that I am back after I have been settling into my new place. This is a big announcement, so I would appreciate if you read it all!

Since the server launched, the number of player joins has been poor compared to what it should be, and this has then resulted in poor performance across the board. This is due to multiple reasons, but one of the more obvious reasons is because the server is named "HCSurvival" - the name alone puts casual players off joining because it sounds too hard (even though we all know it isn't ;)). This made lots of advertising campaigns unsuccessful for the price they cost. Furthermore, we are trying to compete with servers that have a plethora of games, and as such they are much more successful in getting new players.

As we only advertise to survival players, we are only getting say 1/4 of the player joins (compared to a network with 4 games). This, you guessed it, leads to less advertising performance and stops us from growing. Sure, I could start lots of advertisements and get the server back to where it was in a couple of weeks, but it would not be sustainable. Due to this, we are going to be rebranding the server and adding more games (+ more fun!).

The server will be rebranded to "MC Ages" and will contain various games (decided by you). The name is much more open and allows us to expand. You will choose the age (e.g. Survival) that you want to play! We will have lots of cool features such as global tribes and global chat, so there will still be the community feel. Furthermore, advertising campaigns will attract many more players, and as a result we will be able to produce lots MORE content!

Not only will there be more games, but we will also be simplifying a lot of things. I am going to try to automate a lot of staff tasks, and there will only be two staff roles (Admin and Moderator). There will be much more to come, which I hope will mostly come from you! Please take the time to answer this...

This is a quick announcement because we are changing our rules so that they are more suited to what you have asked for. Read more at https://www.hcsurvival.com/threads/big-changes-to-our-rules.1175/ As highlighted in that post, there is also a 50% sale on pouches: https://store.hcsurvival.com/category/900670!

A few players have been asking what has happened to the server. I've previously mentioned that I am currently in the process of moving, and we are also trying to make lots of positive changes to the server before we advertise again. Advertising costs anywhere from $400-$20000, which we simply can't afford to continuesly do. Our results from advertising haven't been great either, which is another reason why we want to make changes before we launch new campaigns.

New month, new events :cool: Good luck everyone and I hope you all join in!!
Apologies this is up late we've been quite busy, hopefully you can all get going on the build event this weekend!!

Build Event
We're trying something completely new this month! Last months build-offs were great but we think it'd be better to try some quicker build contests. Hopefully this will mean more of you can join in!
Note: Any builds made before the week start date will be disqualified. Build entries must have coordinates in the post.

We will have one build event per week these must be done alone, voting will commence for 48 hours at the end of each week and one winner will be chosen. A poll will be posted for everyone to vote on.
After 3 weeks and 3 winners, there will be a build-off for the 4th week between the winners of the previous 3 weeks. This will have a 24hour vote for the final winner!

WEEK 1: 1st-8th (Sorry its a bit late) WEEK 1 ENDED
Build Subject: Something animal related.

Voting: 8th-10th - Winner announced for week 1

WEEK 2: 8th-15th - WEEK 2 ENDED
Build Subject: A famous landmark. Landmark must be an already existing real-world structure.

Voting: 15th-17th - Winner announced for week 2

WEEK 3: 15th-22nd - WEEK 3 ENDED
Build Subject: Staff-chosen (thanks @Beabie) block build, Concrete (any colour).

Oh no, that time has arrived again... for some of you! Back to school. The best time of year, right? Anyway, in today's update...
  1. August Top Voters
  2. August Hall of Fame
  3. August Event Winners
  4. Community Highlight: Fantasia Theme Park
August Top Voters

Thanks to everyone that voted for the server in August! We are continuing to see new players without advertising, which is all down to our voters!
  1. Ribby ($40 Store Credit)
  2. Astro_Dragon ($25 Store Credit)
  3. Crook69 ($10 Store Credit)
August Hall of Fame

@YouNeedHelp is the top supporter once more! I don't think he wants to share the Hall of Fame...! But seriously, massive thanks as it really benefits the server. Thank you!

August Event Winners

The winners are in! Drum roll pleas- oh wait... these were already announced! You can read the August Event winners here. The September events will be live soon!

Community Highlight: Fantasia Theme Park

If you have been alive recently, you may have seen the new Fantasia Theme Park created by players in-game! It looks amazing! Check it out at /warp fantasia. See a thread for it here!

Would you like to see more community projects highlighted? Let me know!